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October 30, 2009

Once I finalize with my venues, choosing my other suppliers  should be a lot easier, er right? Wanna share with you guys my supplier shortlist.  Not much but it took a couple years of wedding experience to guess at some of them ahehehe.. 🙂

Some list, eh? It will hugely depend on the church and reception we choose, can’t go too far off or we might end up late.  All these are very affordable choices, but Great Eastern is still a no. 1  here. Alta Guia have good photo ops, but like Baluyot and Grand Villa, rooms can get a lil crowded.  Beggars can’t be choosers 😛

No doubt on this one.  If I won’t end up in Aberdeen or Oxford, I’ll definitely book with Ms Anj. We’ve been working alongside them for quite a while and no food tastings needed for me.  Their setup is heavenly, and the food is well, downright superb.  The best part, they’re arguably the most affordable. Take it from me; from a girl who attends receptions almost on a weekly basis,  I’ll say mam madel’s food flies off the radar from the usual food offerings.  Finally, I wouldn’t have realized what a great deal they were until I started canvassing for me own wedding.

You can visit their site at but you can contact ms anj for updates coz the last brochure i got from them are more updated.

+ CAKE – Red Ribbon / Catering
Red Ribbon has beautiful cakes as low as 3.5k. Still wondering if cupcake tree is the way to go… at least 7k, sigh…

jeremiah and joyce and her beautiful wedding cupcake tree

jeremiah and joyce and their beautiful wedding cupcake tree - who's your cake supplier?! huhu

+ RINGS – Binondo / Noril’s Sis
So far I’ve been hearing Suarez, Goldenhills, etc. but can’t cope with budget. You can get tempted with their 0% offerings, but Binondo rings still come out cheapest.  Seen them as cute at 4k, but will have to ask an expert to come with us to make sure.  Heard Jim Quiao, Ocampo, RS Fine Art but haven’t canvassed there yet.  Noril’s sister Chichi told his bro she can get a pair for us at KSA, yaayy!! sana sana!! 🙂

+ FLOWERS – …..
Bakit sa tinagal tagal ko bilang photographer ay hindi man lang ako ngtanung tanong na pinakamainam na flowers supplier? Urg… Bulaklakan ng Maynila has a 6k or 7k package I think. Avengoza has a 5k – 9k package but haven’t checked again.  Haven’t been to dangwa yet, so…

Been to divisoria and messed around tabora’t ilaya and basically it’s 3.5k – 7k.  congratulations if you’re sexy unlike me, which means pasadya, extra tela, extra dough. i was hoping to rent my gown instead but found out it’s gonna amount to 2k so what the heck.  But some divi gowns end up as disasters so only get those who’re subok na by others.  Ms Anj’s contact Ate Tet has made beautiful gowns at rockbottom prices…hmmm…

If you have the time and the determination, you can do these DIY.  Divisoria is the way to go, they’re scattered all over the place. The norms are snow balls, figurines, gel candles,and those paperform-watchamacallit giveaways.  But if you’re straining for more choices, I found a corner lot near Juan Luna plaza that offers a lot more.  There’s also a stall in Pasilio 16 2nd floor divisoria mall that has cute choices.  Meron din sa Tutuban mall kaya you just have to look around. My ideas so far are:

– good ol’ wine, wooden kalesa (yangco bldg), gel candle on lamp, incense set, large antique lamp with gel, round flask with gel n potpourri, glass candle holders, fortune plants
– fortune plants, chocolates with personalized wrapper, incense on tubes, incense on box, gel candles, chimes


Planning on a 3.25″x8″ invite with a full color cover and 3 one-color receding pages for wedding details, entourage list, and location map). For one invite, would only need one long scented board (to be laser printed or powder-copied), to be cut up into three.  The full color cover, I can take a risk with a color printer with a clean head or gonna have it printed at Xprint (smudge free and waterproof, imprenta feel), 100pesos for a fullcolor 12×18 print, shud fit a couple of covers there. envelope n lng 😛  Design can be done on Photoshop (and yes, you can also do it on Word).

PhotoVid – …
That’s the hard part. My whole photo-vid team is included in the entourage ^&#&%^&&!!!.  Would have to hire extras for service only. Still lookin’..

Not sure if this info would help you guys or confuse you more.  Congratulations to all you guys, and oh, wish me luck!! 🙂 If you have any tips, oohh please let me know!! 🙂 thanks for the read!

For bride & grooms on a budget looking for  very affordable photo-vid packages, visit www.litzv.comPackages starting at 17k, photo-vid service only at 10k. :) thanks for visiting my shutterbride blog! –

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  1. Colleen permalink
    July 16, 2012 4:55 pm

    Laking tulong ng mga tips mo lalo n s mga ikakasal n may tight budget tulad ko. Hehe.

    • litzv permalink*
      April 19, 2013 2:40 am

      ay maraming slamat po hehe! hope i cud post some more soon! tagal ko n tong di updated. i so want to share more 😀

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