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Mater Dolorosa Parish – Makati (Review)

September 23, 2009

If you’re a bride or groom residing around Makati-Pateros area, or if you’re looking for more church options near Makati Parks & Garden, then Mater Dolorosa is a good choice. 🙂  Especially if you’re planning to get married on the summer, since Mater Dolorosa has an aircon option, yaay!

mater dolorsa parish - facade

If Nuestra Señora de Gracia or Guadalupe Parish is too hot to your liking, you might as well check this one out for size. Located along JP Rizal Extension, a few minutes away from Makati Park, and a few blocks away from C5 Road – Kalayaan extension, it isn’t too hard to access.  Parking can be an issue, there’s just enough parking space for about 5 cars maybe, the rest will have to park on the road. For the same reason, no facade pictorials possible either, sorry. But like I said, you can overlook these if you want yourself and your guests totally at ease at the comfort of a fully airconditioned church.  If the groom plans to wear a suit instead of a barong, and you’re planning to get wed amidst a summer heat, this is definitely a plus.

Ceremony rates are pretty reasonable also. As of August 2009, rates are as follows:  For 5k, ceremony, carpet, artificial flowers on the aisle are included. For 7.5k, package includes carpet, flowers, choir, candle, and use of electricity. You can also have all these with airconditioning for 12,000.  Not too bad in my opinion!

horaayy for aircon weddings weheheh :P

Mater Dolorosa has a wide but not too long marching aisle, no choir loft, and a moderately-sized interior.  What it can boast of, though, is its glass-stained doors, which creates a wonderful atmosphere to the place.  You can ask them to open the main glass-stained door for a more dramatic bridal entrance 🙂

glass-stained doors of mater dolorosa parish

How about photo shoots of the bride & groom , you might ask. Well, let’s hope you have a good prep or reception venue for that, coz you won’t get too much here.  Mater Dolorosa doesn’t have a large parking space or garden for outdoor shots.  You can however, get interior shots; you can have some good ones with those colorful glass doors 😛


Overall, this is a good choice for a ceremony venue.  It’s reasonably-priced, quite accessible, and aircon option definitely makes it a thumbs up!

Click here to see a sample of a Mater Dolorosa Parish wedding

Contact details:
19th Ave., East Rembo, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines,
Telephone No: (632) 757-5704

Budget Factor:  Bang for your buck!  Rates range from 5k to 12k

Shutter Factor/Atmosphere:  Moderately-sized church, with well-lit interior, beautiful glass-stained doors.  Not conducive for outdoor photo shoots

Possible Prep Venues:
Baluyot Mansion
Villa Monica Pateros
Grand Villa Clubhouse – Pateros

Possible Reception Venues:
Makati Park
Marigold Pavilion
Villa Monica Pateros

Note: I only included proximal and affordable venues here; posh establishments not included.

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  1. andrew asuncion permalink
    April 3, 2011 5:36 am

    Good Afternoon!may i know the list of packages and how much does it cost?pls.send me an email.thank you!

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