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Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine – Guadalupe, Makati (Review)

June 27, 2009

For years I’ve overlooked this church because, first off, it’s not too visible.  Compared to other churches, its facade is too elevated one can hardly see it.  But now that I’m scouting for a church for MY own wedding, it has been ranked first in my canvassing 🙂  I’ve shot quite a number of weddings on this church but it’s only been lately that it has tickled my fancy.  If you’re a practical bride on a budget, this church deserves a second look.

The church interior is surprisingly large

The church interior is surprisingly large

Situated near EDSA Guadalupe  a block or two away from MMDA headquarters is the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine.  It has just been turned from a parish into an Archdiocesan Shrine a couple of years ago.  You can’t expect a facade as grand as Nuestra Señora de Gracia or a huge parking lot, but budget-wise it’s manna from heaven! If you’re a member of the parochial community, you can get as low as 4500, but if you’re not from these parts, you can get a decent church ceremony for 6500.  And if you’re really on a toity-toit budget, it’s very close to affordable prep n reception venues such as Great Eastern Hotel, EDSA Horizon Hotel, Makati Park, to name a few.

Photography-wise, this church ain’t too bad.  The white walls, glass-stained windows, an elevated altar, and a wide aisle are good signs of a good shoot. The church interior, contrary to how it looks on the outside, is quite spacious and laaaarge.  There’s plenty of room to move around. The indoor balcony is just as huge, with a left and right wing for other angles.

big balconies, yeesss

big balconies, yeesss

As of June 2009, rate is 6500 (or 4500 if you’re a parishioner) which includes ceremony, carpet, flowers (plastic lang pero who cares ulit), verry very nice usherettes, lights, organ, church singer.  In short, it’s a steal 🙂  You can have a whole choir for a higher rate.

As a final note, the church people are very lenient so photogs can shoot as many as they can.  Huwag lang kayong ma-late sa ceremony dahil baka mapaikli group pictorial kapag may kasunod na misa o kasal.

Toto & Lei in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine

Like I said, looots of affordable reception and prep options to choose from.  Most couples we’ve shot hold their reception (and if applicable, preparations) at Great Eastern Hotel in Makati Avenue, EDSA Horizon Hotel at EDSA Boni, Makati Park in JP Rizal Extension, Baluyot Mansion in Cembo, Parc House EDSA, Max’s Restaurant in Jupiter, etc.

Click here to see a sample of  an Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine wedding.

Contact details:
1923 Orense St. , Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City
Tel No. 882-8095

Budget Factor:  Aprub! About 4.5 / 6.5k.  For that amount, you get a very accessible ceremony venue with proximal commendable venues as well.

Shutter Factor:  Church is not too elaborately designed on the exterior but large and spacious enough inside.  The very accommodating church people give your mediamen freedom to shoot and move around, provided they follow the usual guidelines. This guarantees a lot of good shots.

Atmosphere: Very spacious, good ambient light, polite usherettes  (very good sermons too)

Possible Prep Venues:
EDSA Horizon Hotel
Great Eastern Hotel Makati
Baluyot Mansion
Makati Palace
Best Western Astor Hotel
& other Burgos Hotels

Possible Reception Venues:
Edsa Horizon Hotel
Great Eastern Hotel
Makati Park
Max’s Jupiter

Note: I only included proximal and affordable venues here; posh establishments not included.

–For bride & grooms on a budget looking for  very affordable photo-vid packages, visit www.litzv.comPackages starting at 17k, photo-vid service only at 10k. 🙂 thanks for visiting my shutterbride blog! —

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  1. Manila permalink
    March 30, 2010 3:15 am

    She is right, the church is not visible to see, it is inside of a neighborhood. Beautiful. Everytime, we would go home to Manila, I always hear ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ but never visited until in March 2009. We visited two of neighborhood churches, in Makati on the same day that we felt very blessed. We believe in ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe,’ mother of God. Next time, we go home, I would like and my family to visit her again. Different churches we visited were the Shrine of Jesus, closer to MOA, Our Mother of Manaoag and these churches are beautiful and have meanings to us.
    We were staying at Rockwell, our little terrace I could see the church and I would hear the church bells, so I thought there must be a church across from our terrace, so one day we took the taxi and I told him that I wanted to go to Our Lady of Guadalupe church, and one of the wokers said that used to be the Our Lady of Guadalupe but they moved her to another location. The worker told the taxi driver where to take us and sure there is Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Beautiful. Manila 03/29/2010 CA USA

    • carladi permalink*
      June 25, 2010 2:10 am

      nice to hear someone who appreciates our rich history.:) kudos to you!

  2. Bubut permalink
    December 22, 2011 5:33 am

    thank you for the wonderful review. To give you an update, our church is now called National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was changed 2 years ago.

    • gel permalink
      January 1, 2012 12:45 pm


      Would you know the updated price? I am planning to have my wedding in this CHurch.


    • carladi permalink*
      January 16, 2012 9:45 am

      glad to hear it po! hope i did the church good justice in my blog 😉 will update as soon as lumuwag sked hihi 😉 cheers and god bless!

  3. Elda permalink
    May 15, 2013 1:35 am

    Do you know this church’s email? Please I would appreciate it thanks!

    • litzv permalink*
      July 1, 2013 4:40 am

      sorry elda, that part i’ve missed. u can call them up at their number though. happy preps!


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