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Ramblings of a Photographer Bride-to-be

June 10, 2009

Let me get this clear, wedding IS fun!  it’s like shooting a whole movie everytime, with all the action, drama, suspense, and of course, the romance 🙂 the color, the vibrance of it all, you get to lose yourself, to the story.  Boredom is out of the question, you won’t have time for it!

These last few years, my life has only been about weddings.  Weekends, I SHOOT weddings. Weekdays, I LAYOUT weddings.  That’s all there is to it. I quit my fulltime graphic artist job to (1) give myself more breathing space, and (2) to give more ample time on the wedding business… in the end, I forgot the “breathing space” part.  WEDDING has been my mantra.  I’m in nuptial mode from the moment I wake to the time I hit the sheets  (unless a bride rings me up in the middle of the night).

I’ve been too engrossed with the whole thing that I was sure that when I tie the knot myself there would be no excitement, no suspense for me.  But boy, was I wrong, . . . when my best buddy and I decided that it’s damn about time to bang the wedding gong, I was at a total loss.

Sure enough, I was excited; sure enough, I was scared.  Knowing too much has its disadvantages.  You expect too much of your own wedding.  MY WEDDING HAS TO BE PERFECT!!!  Dang it, I know too much of the matter that I must not fail! As a photographer, it’s a total no-no on the strict churches, church must have a good facade, flowers must come on time, food must make an impression, wedding must be shot on the morning, coordinators are a must, no thick make-ups, try on the gown weeks before the wedding, no thick veils, etc.

This is where my blog sets in.  I’ve done some research for my wedding and realized I can’t find one site that tackles on wedding venues  &  wedding budgets in enough detail.  I want to share my experiences and insights on these as I can, in a photographer’s perspective, that hopefully some b2b’s might actually find it helpful.

For me, the biggest priorities for a b2b are your BUDGET and your PICTURES  & VIDEO.
Your Budget: You shouldn’t obliterate your whole life savings (and loan some more) for this one single day (sure it’s important, but you got decades ahead of you). Save some more for your television and sofa.  Regardless of how much green you burn, you’re signing the same contract anyway.
Pictures&Vid: Okay, so I’m biased. But then again, when all is said and done, what’s left for you? When the big day is over, the cake and food eaten, the suppliers paid, the guests come and gone, all that’s left in your possession are your memories of that day, and you should put special consideration on these.

So til here, happy reading, and congratulations to your upcoming wedding! 🙂

Since you’re here, you can also visit LitzV.  Photo-vid packages are as low as 17k. visit Miao!

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  1. Eunice B. Dela Cerna permalink
    December 28, 2012 5:19 am

    hi Miss Carla, kumusta na po? Miss Carla, wala po bang sample ng wedding pics namin last December 28, 2007? anniv namin ngayon…ang ganda na ng website nyo…

    • litzv permalink*
      April 19, 2013 2:35 am

      sorry mam eunice if it took too lng. ngarag p rin til now 😛 thank u po! regards to ur family 😀

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